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Issues Facing Virginia Families


Create Virginia Education Reform - Virginia and Norfolk need resources in order to create reformative initiatives in its primary and secondary education.  I am very supportive of systemic reforms that address the lingering effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as to take advantage of societal and technological leaps forward that are impacting the educations system.  To move the needle from incarceration to higher levels of domestic production - Virginia schools must emphasize early intervention with highly effective diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities that include Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. 

Address Excessive Utility Cost Increases - The Liberal Democrat General Assembly passed legislation that purposefully caused utility electric and gas bills to increase substantially.  The average increase is estimated to be over $800 per year per household.  Small businesses are expected see utility cost increase by over 150% of their original bills.   Every household and small business - especially our lower-income families, are bearing the brunt of these unnecessary cost increases.  We need to create government policies that stop eliminating jobs and causing massive cost increases to our citizens. 


Address Norfolk's Flooding issues - The City of Norfolk is bordered by multiple bodies of water and has over 200 miles of riverfront and bayfront property, including beaches along the Chesapeake Bay.  Like other low-lying coastal areas, Norfolk’s lower elevations and its proximity to natural waterways make it susceptible to flooding, especially during periods of heavy rain, hurricanes or nor’easters.  I am an expert in the design and construction of drainage and flood control systems.  I will work to ensure that Norfolk receives the available funding to alleviate flooding conditions.  I will be a strong advocate of Norfolk's special considerations because we are home to the largest collection of military operations in the world.  

Fully Fund the Police Departments - Violent crimes have increase 75% over the past year.  Norfolk is second in Virginia for capital murder rate.  As of July 15th there are +155 vacancies on the Norfolk Police Force.  Defunding the police at the same time as eliminating cash bail and ending qualified immunity will have devastating consequences to the quality of life in Virginia.  

Address Norfolk's Housing Crisis - Virginia version of "Foster Youth to Independence" –  Addressing Virginia's housing and homeless crisis is a bipartisan issue.  To alleviate Norfolk's serious housing and homeless crisis I will introduce a bill that creates a "Virginia version" of the “Foster Youth to Independence” that emulates at a state level the initiatives under President Trump's HUD Housing Choice Voucher  assistance available to Public Housing Agencies in partnership with Public Child Welfare Agencies.  Under the Virginia Foster Youth to Independence Public Housing Agencies could supplement Federal housing assistance on behalf of Youth at least 18 years and not more than 24 years of age.  This initiative will help urban areas that have families who are at risk of becoming homeless at age 16 or older.  Also, this initiative will provide a supplement to NRHA's programs of relocating residents in areas subject to gentrification and redevelopment.  

Stop the Attacks on our Right-to-Work Laws - Virginia’s long-standing “right-to-work” law has fostered a pro-business environment by providing protections to workers that give them a choice. The statute § 40.1-58 has consistently made Virginia one of the best states for business in the country.  These laws are under attack by national special interest groups. 


Taxes and Governance - We need to eliminate the massive Northam/McAuliffe tax hikes.  We need to defend pro-job and pro-American policies.  We need to work with all Virginia localities and VDOT to generate reliable sources of revenue for future growth.  We need increase Public and Private arrangements to provide effective public services and cut costs at the same time.  

Support Military Operations - I have a long history of supporting the Military throughout my life and career.  During my career I have been placed in numerous positions of respect and trust for the Federal Government.  Norfolk is host to the largest group of Naval and Military Facilities in the United States and the U.S. Headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  I will work to sustain Norfolk's and Virginia's partnership with all branches of the Military. 

Stop the Attacks on our First and Second Amendment Rights -  We need to restore our fundamental freedoms by restoring our First and Second Amendment rights.  The U.S. Constitution is under attack by radicals in Virginia.  Prohibiting the free exercise of our religious rights, freedom of speech, and the right to peaceably assemble is just plain wrong.  Our Second Amendment is under very serious attack in Virginia.  Radical lawmakers continue to move the needle to the left by enacting unnecessary and ineffective gun laws.  The Virginia General Assembly has proposed and passed bills that gravely obstruct the right to bear arms.  The right to self-protection is fundamental to one's pursuit of happiness.  Our current government does not effectively enforce the old gun laws that are already on the books.  Therefore, additional gun laws, affecting only law abiding citizens, are not going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or the insane. 

Stop Unions and Labor Movement Invading Municipal Agencies - The labor movement is winning more access to public works projects. The General Assembly approved measures clearing the way for government workers to bargain collectively for contracts. Virginia now allows local governments and school boards to collectively bargain with employee unions.  These measures will cost taxpayers substantially more than allowing the free market system to establish the value of employment.


Create Common Sense Environment Policies - As a common sense business man and a steward of the environment - I strongly support clean air, clean water, pristine wetlands and the conservation of our environment.  I will stand up against out of state special interest groups who are perpetrating a host of job-killing narratives that are destroying our manufacturing industries, damaging our domestic production and eliminating tens of thousands of jobs.  In addition, every household - especially our lower-income families, are bearing the brunt of these unnecessary high-cost policies.  We need to develop government policies that lower business operational costs, improve safety, and improve efficiencies - without eliminating jobs and causing massive cost increases to our citizens.

Promote Fair and Transparent Elections - Fundamental to all people’s trust in government is the belief that one’s vote is valid, uncorrupted and not cancelled.  All elections must be accessible and free of fraud and corruption.  Commonsense safe guards must be integrated into the election process - such as accurate voter identification, digital signature verification systems, and increased security of absentee voter systems. We also need to crackdown on election fraud at all levels.  Election integrity is not voter suppression.  Safe and secure elections are not racist.

Critical Race Theory Indoctrination - I will NOT support forced indoctrination of "Critical Theory" in Virginia public schools - including publicly funded colleges and universities.  Critical "Race" Theory is a subset of "Critical Theory" which are both Marxist's ideologies and are NOT suitable for forced indoctrination in public educational systems.  The answer may also be "School Choice and Charter Schools."   Educational vouchers that travel with the child allows parents to make suitable decisions about education of their children.  

Failing to Follow the Science - Virginia’s overreaching and unconstitutional reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably impacted Norfolk’s public institutions and private businesses.  Especially hard hit are our hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and tourist businesses; these businesses support our society by creating jobs and tax revenues.  Extended closure of public schools has seriously harmed the children and citizens of Norfolk.  Extended public school closures were both unnecessary and mismanaged at the statewide level.  Local School Boards have not been provided suitable resources and guidance to open effectively and efficiently.  At home distance learning is a missed opportunity to expand public education without having to construct new school buildings. 

Stop Out of Control Electric Scooter Companies - In order to create common sense stewardship in the community - the electric scooter industry needs supportive and reformative legislation that properly integrates the entire community's needs with the demand for mobility options in urban and suburban communities. 

Hahns’ Pledge to Norfolk Citizens

  • Hahns believes that faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers, is essential to the moral fiber of the City of Norfolk, the Commonwealth of Virginia and this Nation;

  • Hahns believes that the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice and that government has a responsibility to promote the free enterprise system and protect its people from the corruption, inequality and malevolence of Marxist ideology;

  • Hahns believes that all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society;

  • Hahns believes that fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government;

  • Hahns believes that Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations;

  • Hahns believes that peace and prosperity are best preserved and promoted through a strong national defense and effective local police;

  • Hahns believes that the right to bear arms is both a fundamental right and awesome responsibility meant for lawfully eligible citizens and the government shall make no laws that abridge those rights and responsibilities;

  • Hahns believes that all citizens have the right to fair, honest, effective governance from their elected leaders and those leaders will protect the human rights of ALL citizens.